Playmate of the Year Flashback: The 1960s

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Today, Playmate of the Year is the sexiest title in American culture. But who were the first women to hold Playboy’s ultimate crown? It all started in 1960 with a sweet Mississippi native named Ellen Stratton. Scroll down to see Ellen and the rest of the PMOYs from the swingin’ Sixties, along with their original magazine data sheets.

Ellen Stratton, Playmate of the Year 1960

NAME: Ellen Stratton

BIRTHPLACE: Marietta, Mississippi USA

BUST: 35″

WAIST: 20″

HIPS: 35″

HEIGHT: 5′ 4″

WEIGHT: 110 lbs

AMBITIONS: To excel as a good legal secretary, study law and become a lady lawyer.

TURN-ONS: Greek food, the beach.

TURNOFFS: Procrastinators, television and cigar smokers.

HOBBIES: Reading, cooking.

FAVORITE SPORTS: Swimming, dancing and tennis.

WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Patient and intelligence.

WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: Sarcasm and vanity.

GROWING UP: My family moved to Los Angeles when I was 10.

Linda Gamble, Playmate of the Year 1961

NAME: Linda Gamble

BIRTHPLACE: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

BUST: 38″

WAIST: 23″

HIPS: 37″

HEIGHT: 5′ 4″

WEIGHT: 112 lbs

AMBITIONS: To have a family and children.

TURN-ONS: The color green and sports cars.

TURNOFFS: Women drivers.

HOBBIES: Cooking and sewing.

WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Medium height, slender blue eyes and dark curly hair.

WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: Fat and crudeness.

I LOVE BEING A PLAYMATE: Because I’ve always enjoyed the magazine, and I’m honored to appear in it.

Christa Speck, Playmate of the Year 1962

NAME: Christa Speck

BIRTHPLACE: Danzig, Germany

BUST: 38″

WAIST: 22″

HIPS: 36″

HEIGHT: 5′ 5″

WEIGHT: 122 lbs


TURN-ONS: Jack Benny.

TURNOFFS: Rock ‘n’ roll music.

HOBBIES: Jazz, swimming, dancing.


WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Integrity, ambition.


June Cochran, Playmate of the Year 1963

NAME: June Cochran

BIRTHPLACE: Indianapolis, Indiana USA

BUST: 36″

WAIST: 20″

HIPS: 34″

HEIGHT: 5′ 2″

WEIGHT: 102 lbs

AMBITIONS: To further my career in modeling and try for movies.

TURN-ONS: Corvette sports cars.

TURNOFFS: Fresh guys.

HOBBIES: Dancing.

FAVORITE SPORT: Water skiing.

WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Personality, men who show due respect to ladies.


I LOVE: All people — and especially the people of Indiana.

Donna Michelle, Playmate of the Year 1964

NAME: Donna Michelle

BIRTHPLACE: Los Angeles, California USA

BUST: 38″

WAIST: 22″

HIPS: 37″

HEIGHT: 5′ 4″

WEIGHT: 118 lbs

AMBITIONS: To act in legitimate theater.

TURN-ONS: Sports.

HOBBIES: Music, playing concert piano, ballet, modern jazz dance, scuba diving.

DID YOU KNOW? I studied Russian ballet for seven years and have worked as a dancer in the New York City Ballet. I also had some movie parts as a child.

I KEEP BUSY WITH: Swimming, taking care of and riding my horse, and driving my sports car.

WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Honesty and sincerity.

I DISLIKE MEN WHO: act like they’re God’s gift to women.

Jo Collins, Playmate of the Year 1965

NAME: Jo Collins

BIRTHPLACE: Lebanon, Oregon USA

BUST: 36″

WAIST: 24″

HIPS: 36″

HEIGHT: 5′ 4″

WEIGHT: 112 lbs

AMBITIONS: To become an actress.

TURN-ONS: Furniture.

TURNOFFS: Phonies.

IN MY SPARE TIME: I enjoy painting, dancing, photography and going to plays.

GREAT READS: “Fannie Hill,” “Gone With the Wind.”

FAMILY TREE: I’m half Norwegian and half Spanish.

MY IDEAL EVENING: Formal dinner, then hit a few night spots on Sunset Strip and a drive along the beach.



WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Sincerity, masculinity, manners.

Allison Parks, Playmate of the Year 1966

NAME: Allison Parks

BIRTHPLACE: Glendale, California USA

BUST: 36″

WAIST: 24″

HIPS: 36″

HEIGHT: 5′ 6″

WEIGHT: 117 lbs

AMBITIONS: I would like to do something creative and rewarding while I’m young.

TURN-ONS: Men, sports cars, Ian Fleming’s books, wild colors, the beach.

TURNOFFS: People who keep time to music when there ain’t no music! Also, I dislike mustaches and beards.

IN MY SPARE TIME: I am learning to fly light planes — that’s my current love! I used to grow orchids but I find flying more exciting.

FAVORITE SPORTS: Bowling. I feel great when I can beat my date’s score. I also love the beach and swimming and getting a better tan than last year’s.

FAMILY LIFE: I have two brothers and a sister (one brother and my sister are twins). We are just a typical small-town family. My parents have been married more than 25 years.

KEEPING BUSY: I work in a landscape and design nursery, and I’m a part-time swimming instructor.

FAVORITE ACTORS: Paul Newman, Sean Connery, Kirk Douglas, Burt Lancaster.

GREAT FOODS: Beef stroganoff, lasagne, tacos and thick steaks.

PLAY ME SOME: Progressive jazz.

SOMEONE I ADMIRE: Sophia Loren, but not because she’s beautiful and famous, but because she has the courage to live with the man she loves.

I LOVE BEING A PLAYMATE BECAUSE: What could be more exciting than being a Playmate?

IN THE FUTURE: I hope this is the first step toward making my biography more exciting!

Lisa Baker, Playmate of the Year 1967

NAME: Lisa Baker

BIRTHPLACE: Detroit, Texas USA

BUST: 35″

WAIST: 23″

HIPS: 35″

HEIGHT: 5′ 8″

WEIGHT: 132 lbs

AMBITIONS: To get married and have a family.

TURN-ONS: Speedboats, skiing.

TURNOFFS: Car washes, freeways, loudness.

GREAT FLICKS: “Marriage Italian Style” and “Tom Jones.”

FAVORITE SPORTS: Baseball, speed-boat racing and sports-car racing.

JOB HISTORY: I work in the loan service department of a savings and loan. When I was in high school in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, I worked as a “soda jerk” at Hewitt’s Drug Store for four years.

GROWING UP: I have four brothers and three sisters. My family moved from Texas to Broken Bow when I was two, then I moved to Los Angeles when I turned 18.

FAVORITE FOODS: Pizza and steak.

MY WEAK SPOT: I wish I were less impulsive. It gets me in trouble!

PLAY ME SOME: Modern jazz.

SOMEONE I ADMIRE: Mickey Mantle.

GREAT READS: “From Russia With Love,” “Thunderball.”

Angela Dorian, Playmate of the Year 1968

NAME: Angela Dorian

BIRTHPLACE: San Francisco, California USA

BUST: 36″

WAIST: 21″

HIPS: 35″

HEIGHT: 5′ 5″

WEIGHT: 109 lbs

AMBITIONS: To have my pick of the acting roles I want.

TURN-ONS: Men, sports cars, cats.

TURNOFFS: Women who wear hair curlers in public.

DID YOU SEE ME? On “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.,” “Run For Your Life,” “Hogan’s Heroes,” “Big Valley,” “Perry Mason,” or “Bonanza”?

HIGHER ED: I’m studying art at Los Angeles City College.

FAMILY LIFE: My father, who was born in Sicily, owns a restaurant and my mother, who grew up in Rome, is a singer. My father is still old world in many ways!

IN MY SPARE TIME: I love to sketch fine pen and ink drawings.

IF I HAD MORE TIME: I’d race my Sprite.

GREAT TV: None. I hate TV and don’t own one.

PEOPLE I ADMIRE: Audrey Hepburn. Because she is what I would like to be.

MY IDEAL MAN: I’ll let you know. I’ve been looking.

MY IDEAL EVENING: Dancing, midnight dinner, then to the beach for soft words and mush!

I WORSHIP: The sun. In my pad I have one wall filled with suns.

Connie Kreski, Playmate of the Year 1969

NAME: Connie Kreski

BIRTHPLACE: Wyandotte, Michigan USA

BUST: 35″

WAIST: 23″

HIPS: 36″

HEIGHT: 5′ 5″

WEIGHT: 118 lbs

AMBITIONS: Complete my nursing studies, and then . . .?

TURN-ONS: Bikinis and the beach.

TURNOFFS: Fake people.

MY IDEAL EVENING: A small party with fun people.


HIGHER EDUCATION: I’m enrolled at the Mercy School of Nursing in Detroit.

MY FRIENDS KNOW: Many people seem to think I’m a dumb blonde, but I’m smarter than most of the people who talk down to me.

IN MY FUTURE: I’d love to travel more and get married (maybe when I’m 30).

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