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Posted 12/8/2010 at 10:16 pm by Playboy Staff

Playmate of the Year Contenders

Hef needs your help, Playboy fans!

Get to know the 2010 Playmates and vote for the 2011 Playmate of the Year.It’s time for the 2010 Playmate Review, when we cast our eyes back over the 12 beautiful women who graced our magazine as Playmates of the Month in 2010. But now it’s time to get to know these women better, so you can vote for your favorite. Hef will weigh your input to help make the incredibly tough decision: Who will be crowned the 2011 Playmate of the Year in May?

In June 1960, Hef named Mississippi-born, Los Angeles-bred legal secretary Ellen Stratton the first Playmate of the Year. Since then, 50 more Playmates have worn the crown, including Patti McGuire, Shannon Tweed, Anna Nicole Smith, Jenny McCarthy and our reigning Playmate of the Year, Hope Dworaczyk.

This year, Playboy.com is giving fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with all 12 of our gorgeous Playmates. We’ve aggregated the Playmates’ Twitter feeds on the home page so you can keep track of their latest adventures and interact with them via your own Twitter account (if you don’t have one, sign up now!). Each Playmate also has her individual Twitter feed on her personal page; regularly, we will be posting Playmate home video dispatches giving fans a glimpse into their day-to-day lives.

So meet the girls and cast your vote (use the banner in the upper right corner of this page). You can only vote once a day–no ballot stuffing! Come back daily to see the Playmates’ latest escapades.

Fans will get up close and personal like never before with all 12 Playmates.Of course, we couldn’t do this without the cooperation and assistance of our 12 amazing Playmates. Thanks to Francesca, Ashley, Shanna, Katie, Amy, Kyra, Heather, Claire, Jaime, Kassie, Olivia and Shera for letting us have a window into their world, leading up to Hef’s big announcement in May of the 2011 Playmate of the Year.

We want Playboy fans to see what we already know: In her own unique way, each one of these 12 Playmates really does embody Hef’s ideal of the approachable girl next door.

Please bookmark this site, and get ready for a sexy, fun ride with 12 incredible women.

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“Welcome to Playmate of the Year 24/7”
  1. 1
    hima says...
    6:29 pm on December 15th, 2010


  2. 2
    Mark H. Kreider says...
    1:18 pm on December 19th, 2010

    As always, you’ve made this a most difficult task. Showing and introducing (via internet and monthly publications) to 12 of the worlds most beautiful women, then tell us . . . pick which one (in your opinion) is most deserving of the “Playmate of the Year” award.
    How difficult of a task can if be? Well, i gave it a shot, weighed the pros against the cons, did the… inny, meny, miny, moe thing and every other process of eleminatition i know and when all was said and done, here is who remained . . . . .

    Miss July, 2010
    Miss Shanna Marie McLaughlin

  3. 3
    kuye_akeem says...
    1:10 pm on December 21st, 2010

    9ice one

  4. 4
    Volkmar says...
    3:13 pm on December 25th, 2010

    Shera should rightly win. She is very, very beautiful and super sexy !!!

  5. 5
    Chelsey Lynn says...
    3:39 pm on December 26th, 2010

    Shera Bechard-Miss November would be a really good choice for PMOY I am planning on going to either the New York or Chicago casting call in 2011 and she has been so helpful,by giving me advice. She is such a sweetheart and she really trys to make a point to respond to any fan mail she receives! I think she really would make Playboy proud as PMOY and as a fan of Playboy for years I would love to see her get the title so if there is anyone who isn’t sure on their vote…Shera would make a great PMOY!

  6. 6
    Lou Bega says...
    9:34 pm on December 27th, 2010

    Two on the left- blonde and brunette, hawt!!

  7. 7
    Cory says...
    6:50 pm on December 28th, 2010

    Shere, Shera, Shera!!!!!!

  8. 8
    Mike says...
    11:17 pm on December 29th, 2010

    Shera Bechard all the way !!

  9. 9
    Simon Lindner says...
    10:19 am on December 31st, 2010

    Kyra is my pick, beautiful, smart and loves art.

  10. 10
    Jan Adamson says...
    11:38 am on January 5th, 2011

    My boyfriend nd I both want to vote for KATIE VERNOLA. Sheis the most beautifl Playmte oe 2010. I thnk she has peteriest hair, and my boyfriend thinks she has the most beautiful body. He says she has the most beautiful BREASTS he has ever seen

  11. 11
    Jan Adamson says...
    11:47 am on January 5th, 2011

    Jan Adamson says my Boyfriend and I both think Katie Vernola is the Most beatiful Playmatefr 2010. I think she has the peteriest hair, and my boyfriend thinks she has the most beatiful body, and he says she as THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BREASTS he has ever seen!!! Sorry for the misspellled words in first commet.

  12. 12
    Doc Driscoll says...
    8:54 am on January 8th, 2011

    Shanna Marie McLaughlin is my choise for Playmate of the Year!

  13. 13
    Mathieu says...
    12:10 am on January 10th, 2011

    All stunning, But Olivia and Shera are my favorite.

  14. 14
    mrjunkbox says...
    2:42 pm on January 10th, 2011

    claire sinclair should win
    shes the most natural
    and girl next door looking playmate
    the perfect playmate of the year
    this is playboy which stands for class. claire is first class
    the perfect playmate

  15. 15
    Cory says...
    4:27 pm on January 11th, 2011

    Shera!!! You are beautiful, you deserve all the success that comes your way. My money is on you, and so is my vote!!

  16. 16
    SigersonLTD says...
    8:20 am on January 20th, 2011

    I thought this was already a done deal. AGAIN!!!

  17. 17
    Cory says...
    10:46 pm on January 20th, 2011

    Shera baby! Shera!

    Is she hot or what? hmmm :)

  18. 18
    Portia says...
    7:08 pm on January 24th, 2011

    Claire Sinclair is the classiest and her personality really shines through her photos. She is the complete package and is the epitome of what a pmoy should be. Vote for Claire Sinclair, I know I will!

  19. 19
    Cory says...
    5:24 pm on January 25th, 2011

    My vote is for sweet sexy Shera :)

  20. 20
    RussDawg says...
    10:48 am on February 1st, 2011

    I’m vot’in for my girl, Miss Olivia Paige cause she got it going on (and a good heart to boot–like the good work she be do’in help’in everyone)

    You go girl, Miss Olivia–all the way to PMOY 2011!!

    –’da RussDawg

  21. 21
    Paparazzi Paul says...
    1:12 am on February 2nd, 2011

    Kyra Milan is the obvious choice. She is “The Girl Next Door”. She has the attitude, beauty, charisma and charm of a real girl next door as well as having a natural talent for modeling that comes through on every image. Having the privilege of not only meeting her but photographing her recently sold me on all the above. Folks this young woman is perhaps the clearest choice for PMOY I have seen in a long time. A rare jewel indeed.

  22. 22
    Nathan says...
    4:48 pm on February 12th, 2011

    My vote is for Amy Leigh Andrews. She’s got the sweetest everything.

  23. 23
    William says...
    2:51 am on February 13th, 2011

    Of course, my vote is for my babe, Jaimee!!

  24. 24
    elbandito76 says...
    1:40 pm on February 25th, 2011

    I luv blondes like Hef does so I hope the Playboy committee chooses Shana Marie McLaughlin. She definitely has my vote as the perfect playmate.

  25. 25
    Tampa Local up for Playmate of the Year! says...
    9:44 pm on February 25th, 2011


  26. 26
    Bernie says...
    9:49 pm on March 23rd, 2011

    Kyra. Thats all.

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